Foulad Kabir Saman Arak Company has been established by the greatest efforts and experiences of its founder in the tendency of Designing , Manufacturing and Installation of Metal and Steel Equipment by employing Modern workshop equipment , Its filed of activity has been expanded its dominant capability in Industrial Projects which containing feasibility to definite deliverance.

    Nevertheless completion of Industrial Contracts FKSA has been appeared to be the Most prominent competent and Powerful Executer in Iran National Oil Industries , Petrochemical and Refinery assets as well as Power-Plants and other well-known Institutions.

     FKSA has been Succeeded to fully-execute numerous numbers of various projects in Petrochemical Industries , Cement Production Factories , Power Plants , Steel Industries and other Projection equipment. The rational matter which defines us from others, would be presence and employing expert workforces and dedicated, broad minded Personnel in different executive and managing company levels and Also developed equipment and instruments by true modern and continues principled directing. Here in FKSA, We have been trying to help and assist by our Intellectual and physical Principals to create new  Designing, Manufacturing and Installation for Steel Structures standards in Logistic Projects.